Sunday, 6 September 2015

September Sunshine and Showers

Sunshine and showers really sums up our whole summer not just the start of September but wow, what showers! Our farm track runs like a river after just ten minutes of such downpours. We do get lovely rainbows though and this one over the golden fields ripe for harvesting was a pleasant sight to see.

The golden fields have been really inspiring me these last few weeks and I have worked some Autumn colours into a few new felt pictures.

I'm calling this one below 'Bracken Brae' as the russets and reds remind me of the bracken at this time of year as it starts to turn.

15 x 15 cm in a 33 x 33 cm frame

'First Hints of Autum' also features the golden fields accented by the pink of rosebay willowherb. I added a few little daisies into the foreground and the tree just starting to show it's autumn colours.

'First Hints of Autumn'
15 x 15 cm in a 33 x 33 cm frame

I had the idea of this picture below while we were driving home one afternoon last week. I had to rush in the door and sketch it quickly before the idea faded. It's similar to pieces I have made before but I really wanted a big puffy cloud in the sky and lots of flowers waving over a wall. I thought the washing on the line added to the effect of it being windy.

'Blowy Day' 34 x 34 cm in a 50 x 50 cm frame

My favourite make this month has to be this next piece though. I love working in this vertical format.

18 x 34 cm in a 36 x 50 cm frame

Despite the showers we've had some lovely sunsets here in Fife. This is Falkland Hill looking west and you can just make out a hot air balloon in the brightest part of the sky. We watched it float closer and closer and then land in a stubble field.

Some mornings have been gloriously sunny, the air scented with honeysuckle and the last of the roses.

I also made a few boxes last week. I still have more to add to my Etsy shop but there are a few available here

I love this sunshiny Harris Tweed lining.

I'm hoping my new printed gifts will arrive this week.
I'll keep you posted.

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