Sunday, 25 January 2015

Thistle's, Sheep and Forward Planning

January is usually a month to enjoy a bit of creative play time but I have had quite a few commission's to work on over the past couple of weeks and I'm constantly thinking ahead to what I need to make for shop orders and upcoming events so I haven't really had time to just play around with materials and let the creative process take over.

When I am working on commissions there is always a waiting time for felt to dry though, so I put that time to good use and made this picture last week.

The thistle's are a new addition. I hadn't tried them before. I began with using embroidery thread for the stems and leaves but it was too stark so I unpicked it all and needle felted the stems in two tone fibre instead. It has given a much more natural look.

I added some sheep and framed it and it sold as soon as it was finished. I have a request for another similar but will get one up for general sale as soon as I can.

I enjoyed needle felting the thistles onto the picture so much that I thought I would try an individual one on a brooch. I really like the three dimensional effect. I used little French knots to secure the felt and to add texture but I will try some tiny seed beads on the next one to see how that looks. The added 'bling' might be nice.

I was nearly out of Sheep Jewellery for a few weeks there but I have been working very hard to replenish stock in my Etsy shop.

Pendants £25

These pendants and brooches are now available. I'll be working on more earrings this week.

Brooches £18

Two dates for your diaries are March 14th and 15th for Edinburgh Yarn Festival at Edinburgh Corn Exchange, 11 Newmarket Road, Edinburgh, EH14 1RJ
I will be there with all my woolly wares.

Although it sounds a long time away, Open Studios North Fife is on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of May this year and all the participants are already working hard behind the scenes to bring you a wonderful weekend of inspiration and creativity. It is the 10th Anniversary year and some extra projects are in the pipeline.

I will be at my usual venue in Ladybank

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Hello 2015!

What a difference a couple of weeks makes! January always feels so different to December doesn't it? One day we are in the depths of the deepest darkest month, a couple of weeks a few parties later and we are out the other side with the light getting brighter and the winter sunshine lasting just that wee bit longer every day.

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and got a bit of a break over the holidays.
We did all that we wanted too with walks walked, snow sledged, shops shopped, songs sung and time spent with family and friends. It was a busy couple of weeks and I don't feel like I have made anything for over a month! 

One of the highlights of our holidays was taking another trip into highland Perthshire and walking beyond The Hermitage over to The Rumbling Bridge.

It was a glorious day with a light frost on the ground making it much less muddy for walking.

In all my years visiting The Hermitage I had never taken the path up and over the moor. It was beautiful.

 The Braan River tumbles spectacularly down an incredible drop under the Rumbling Bridge, giving the bridge it's name. It was actually really hard to capture on camera for fear of falling over the edge of the bridge or down the steep sides of the gully.

It looks lovely and calm here in between the little falls in the distance and the great drop just a bit further on.

Another highlight was going in search of some snow! We promised our daughter and her wee friend that we would take them sledging so we set off for Glenshee in the hope that the snow they'd had hadn't melted yet.

It didn't look too promising on the journey up but as we rounded the bend at Cairnwell we could see there were plenty of patches suitable for sledging.

I got very wet because I landed in a burn but we will gloss over that!

The view coming back down the glen was stunning.

As the sun rays broke through the clouds the whole scene before us changed and we were treated to a little dancing light show.

The two weeks of madness were rounded off with my Mums annual party where songs were sung, tunes were played and plenty of food and drink were enjoyed.

I'm trying my best to get back into work mode and started by making some new felt yesterday.

I bought the fibres before the holidays and was very excited to finally use them. Not sure what I am going to make yet but I have a few ideas ruminating. 

My SALE is still ongoing and can be found here
Many items are Half Price including my 2015 Calendar. 

My next event is Edinburgh Yarn Festival on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of March. I know it's only January but if you are into all things knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving and dying, you will want to add this event to your Calendar now.
Here is a link to the list of vendors attending. It's very exciting! I'll be working on all things felty and sheepy for my stall.

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