Monday, 24 March 2014

New Mugs Now Available

I promised photos of my latest mug design and here it is!

It has a cottage with sheep on one side and a highland coo peeking over a wall on the other. Just what you need to keep you company while you enjoy your favourite hot beverage. 

 You can see the full design on the box.

Also available as a card.

So now there's a Set of Four! They can be purchased individually, as pairs or as the full set, mixed or matched.
£8.50 each or £32 for the set.

I also had the design for the Sheep Mug made into a card.

Long Card £3.50

I will have all these with me at 

Saturday 5th April


and at Open Studios 3rd - 5th May. Hope to see some of you there!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

It's Full Steam Ahead for Open Studios 2014!

We are very excited to finally have this year's Open Studios brochures ready for distribution! 
As of next week they will be available to pick up free of charge from galleries, museums, libraries, shops and cafes and many other venues as well.
Places that have agreed to keep a supply in stock are;
Dunfermline, Kingsgate Centre 
Dundee, 35 Commercial Street,
Perth, St John's Centre 
St Andrews 101-103 Market Street
Kirkcaldy, 175 High Street
Edinburgh, 83 George St and 128 Princes Street
Glasgow, 153-157 Sauchiehall St and 174-176 Argyle St.

GLENROTHES- Cafe Alfresco, 58 Unicorn Way, Kingdom Centre and you can also pick them up at
Loch Leven's Larder, Milnathort.

All the information in the brochure is also available on our website here

I will be at my usual venue in the village of Ladybank.

I have been making lots of new pictures, jewellery pieces and trinket boxes for this year's event and I also have a Makers Market on Saturday 5th April to make for as well so I have been extremely busy.

You can find me at 

Saturday 5th April


I will have a stack of Open Studio Brochures with me so you can collect your free copy there.

Some new makes include this picture in lovely soft subtle shades.

These brooches are made using Donegal Tweed which a absolutely love.

I have used buttons to accent them rather than my usual iridescent beads as I think the buttons suit the soft colors better.

 Donegal Tweed Brooches £12
Also available in my Etsy shop

Also new are there large Textile Heart Pendants.
I have printed the design onto cotton or felt fabrics and used large metal hearts with coordinating hand coloured centres to make a focal point.

I also have yet another mug design arriving on Monday along with some more cards and notebooks.
So you should find me well stocked if you make it along to the Makers Market on the 5th and I hope to have even more to delight you if you visit me during Open Studios.

I'll show you the new mugs on Monday :)

Monday, 3 March 2014

Sheep Mugs and The Aurora Borealis!

What an exciting end to last week we had. On Thursday evening I was faffing about finishing off a few things when I spotted an update on Facebook from a friend in Orkney saying that the aurora was amazing right there and then. Knowing it was a clear night down here I went out on the off chance that we might see a glimmer.
At first we saw nothing but started to notice a green glow on the horizon. We all got our boots on and went and stood in the field and suddenly an arc of green appeared with lights shooting up out of it and a red haze all around. It was absolutely breath taking.

It was the kind of moment when you think you should try and take a photo but on the other hand you might miss everything by running inside for the camera. I also know that getting good photos of the aurora involves tripods and special settings on the camera so instead of fiddling about and missing anything we just stood awe struck and watched as the lights moved and changed.

I got permission to share this photo from Keith Proven Artist and Photographer who is based in Cupar, north Fife. This is pretty much what we saw although we were a little further away. I have seen the aurora borealis once before but had never seen any colours. I have always wanted to see it again but never imagined that we'd see it from our own front door! You can see more photos on Keith's Facebook page here

So as if seeing the northern lights wasn't enough excitement for one day, my new mugs then arrived from the printers on Friday! 

The original felt picture that the mug is printed from features this fluffy mamma sheep and her three Spring lambs skipping through the meadow.

I have also restocked with the Cottage and Coo deisgns.

The mugs come with their own matching Gift Boxes as well.

£8.50 including the box available here
The Sheep Mugs have been flying out the door over the weekend and there are only 8 left. I have ordered more but I'm not sure when they will be in so if you would like one soon, please don't hesitate to order.

I have also have four new Notebook designs printed.

Pretty Bird


Creagan Cottage

and Hannah's House

Notebooks are £5.95 each available here

Pretty Bird is also available as a card

I've been busy with my jewellery making as well and came up with these Pony Pendants last week.

And these Treble Clef Pendants and Brooches

The Treble Clef pendants sold out within two days after I shared them on my Facebook page and these two are all I have had time to make since so it's back to the sewing machine this week to re stock.

That's all for now. I've been trying to update my blog since last Thursday but have just been so busy! It's going to be another busy week here as well with lots of juggling of time.
Remember if you have any enquiries about anything you see here, just email me at,

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