Thursday, 10 January 2013


I'm beginning to restock my Etsy shop with new makes this month.

This felt landscape below was started back in December but things got pretty hectic here with items sold online going off all over the world on a daily basis so this is me just getting around to finishing it.

Plans are afoot for new felt pictures, perhaps on a bigger scale. I need to gather my inspiration and invest in some new materials so I am taking my time to think about the effects I would like to achieve.

Some new Harris Tweed brooches include these leaf ones in subtle grey tones with purple and teal felt accents. The colours in the felt really bring out the warmth in the threads of the tweeds.

Brooches £12
Available here

I have one of these slim oval pendants available at £20 here

And my Sale continues in my Folksy shop with some earrings now added.
The earrings were £15 now £8

I'm also working on a new notebook cover design.

The four I have available have been very popular with the Vibrant Hills design nearly sold out again.

So here's to a busy few weeks coming up with new ideas and the light getting better as the days go by.


  1. Happy new year, Aileen! I have to ask you this: how in the world do you find enough time to make all these absolutely stunningly beautiful pieces, sell them at fairs and on etsy, blog, and take care of your family??! I am beyond impressed - I am so incredibly inspired as well as motivated with my own crafts - to keep going wherever this creative journey and path takes me.

    Please, please, please - tell me your 'secret formula' on how you find the time, or how you seem to manage your days and hours in that day, to get done all that needs to get done. I've all but given up on my blogging, as it just takes too much time and too much out of me. I want to go the Etsy route (or possibly Folksy, if that's an option for Irish crafters), and also try to do as many craft fairs and agricultural shows as possible. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get all I need to get done - AND the house stuff that needs tending to, as well. Help!

    ps - I absolutely am in love with all your pendants, earrings, notebooks - actually, pretty much everything you have on offer, I am in love with. I just need to make a bit of profit so that I can treat myself to one of your beautiful pieces. Keep on keepin' on, Aileen - you do truly beautiful work!

    1. Hi June. Lovely to hear from you. I suppose my output has increased since my children are both at school and I do this full time now. It is a juggling act and I do have to ignore housework sometimes in order to get on with my work and everyone has to help a bit too. It's the garden that has suffered since I got really busy though. No time for weeding! Thankfully we get away with the wild look in the countryside. My husband cuts the grass and I try and keep nice pots which distract the eye from the wilder areas :) I'm looking forward to coming over to Ireland in the summer! Booked a campsite for one of the weekends already! yay!

    2. From where I'm sitting, you do quite an amazingly brilliant juggling act! I wish I could find the time to get done half as much as you have on this one blog post! Truly inspiring, and again, very motivational for me.

      Brilliant that you're coming to Ireland!!! Yaaay, is right! How great it'd be if we could meet up at some point. Whaddye think?

  2. I love you work. Especially the accessories. I do not know how you get these amazing ideas. I love the earrings a lot. I have traveled a lot but these are my favorite collection.

  3. I cannot help myself from coming back, again and again, to both the pendants as well as the notebooks. I want at least two pendants (one purple, one blue one), and at least two notebooks - I can't decide which I love more: the seascape, the vibrant hills one...and of course, I love Harvey the Highland Cow too. I need to treat myself, as I've just had my wisdom tooth extracted and need a cheery-uppy type of treat for myself. Will decide shortly!

    1. Commiserations about our wisdom tooth June. I had two upper and a lower out last year. No fun! The vibrant hills notebook is sold out. I'll be getting more in soon along with a new design and possibly a bigger size too.
      Not sure if we are taking in Sligo during the summer. Hoping to head down to cork and kerry but I want to go to Donegal too. I need a month not two weeks!

  4. woww!!!! you are sooo creative.. love those pendants.

  5. Happy New Year Aileen, Hope you had a good Christmas. I absolutely adore your sweet birdie brooches - oh so cute. Will look forward to seeing your new items once thought about and made. Cheers

  6. I love the brooches and the slim oval pendants, it looks really attractive. I’m impressed with your creativity…


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