Saturday, 26 January 2013

A Wintry Week's been a chilly time here in Fife over the last week or so. We love a bit of snow up here as it's so pretty but it came in as sleet on a fierce east wind to start with and we didn't get any of those glorious blue sky days when all is bright and beautiful. 

We were lost in the mist last Wednesday.

We've had a wonderful variety of birds pecking around the garden including this wee fat partridge.

 Unfortunately my husband and two children have all been unwell with a flu type thing so it's just been a case of keeping everyone warm and looked after which hasn't left much time for making anything.

Some folk say they can smell snow in the air and I think that's true. I also believe my Granny's old way of telling if it's on it's way. She always said blue flames in the fire meant snow was imminent and we have had plenty of  those. When I rake the hot coals there's a pink glow and flashes of purple too! I've never seen that before.

This wee cottage is slowly but surely loosing it's roof tile by tile. I still day dream of renovating it into a Craft Bothy but it's just a dream.

Snow is possibly the only thing that can make trampoline netting look vaguely interesting too!

The only new thing I have managed to make this week is this oval Sheep Pendant.
It has sold already but there will be plenty more in stock in various colours soon.

 This brooch is still available though

Brooch £15
Available Here 

I do have plenty of cards in stock including this set of six for £12

I have also been playing around a bit on Pinterest recently and found this idea for a Cable Cuff. I happened to have this wrist cuff bracelet made from a batch I made from old denim jeans last year. It wraps around the cable and the handle of the iron, keeping it nice and tidy when it's stored in the cupboard! Genius! Very easy to make with a bit of fabric and button or a bit of crochet or knitting. Mine just happens to match the iron and ironing board.

 So a very slow start to the year here creatively speaking.

Our brochure for Open Studios North Fife should be ready soon. You can keep up to date with Open Studios news on our Facebook page here


  1. We've had lots of snow here too wish we had an open fire to toast our toes! Love your brooch and pendant.

  2. I can see why you'd like to convert that beautiful never day maybe.

    I really like the oval pendant and I'm not surprised it's already sold.

    We've got the lurgi down here too - comes with the winter weather doesn't it. However, after a night of biblical rain we now have brilliant sunshine reminding us that spring is only a few weeks away.

  3. The scenery around your house looks rather magical under all that snow. We've had a lot here, too - but urban sludge is rather less photogenic! Sorry to hear that you've had a poorly family...I hope everyone's beginning to feel better and that you get a little more time to create. Liz xx

  4. Lovely photos :)

    We had lots of snow, but none really stuck until Friday night, then it went slushy, then froze solid by Saturday morning, it was so bad I bought a bag of salt from the shop to sprinkle in front of me as I walked home :)

    It's a shame so many cottages are falling to ruin.

  5. Those snow images are so lovely, I wanted to paint them.

    thanks for sharing them,


  6. Hi Aileen - hope your family are all better soon. Lovely wintery pics - I can see what you mean by the Craft Bothy - hold onto that dream!
    Alison :D

  7. Love the pics of your frosty house. Made me feel very nostalgic as I grew up in a house like that. It brings back the wonderful childhood memories.

  8. Hope you all had a great and an unforgettable time. I really be devoted to your thought of creating.

  9. Hope you had an unforgettable time. Those pictures look very nice.


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