Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Playing At Shops in a Shed

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending at Open Day at Gillies and Mackay, makers of fine sheds and summer houses an Errol, near Perth.
The idea was to install various artists, crafters and beauticians in different sheds and summer houses to show how they could be used for more than just sitting in or for storing a few tools.

I really enjoyed playing at shops in this beautiful summer house.
There was plenty of room for a little work table as well and if I did have this one at home in the garden, there would be room for a comfy chair to relax in and plenty of shelving as well.
As you can see, it was a lovely day on Saturday. Really bright and frosty in the morning but warming as the sun came round and filled our sheds with lots of light.
This one was inhabited for the day by The Beauty Room, Errol.
This incredible structure below is a proper living space complete with wood burning stove! It would make a wonderful home office, studio, guest accomodation or therapy room. It was being used for the day by a lady offering massage, manicures and Partylite Candles.
Another of the summer houses was occupied by Sutherland based artist Catherine Mackay. Catherine also makes beautiful enamel jewellery. Her butterfly pendants are absolutely stunning!
Even the smaller of the summer houses would make a great garden studio. In fact, I rather fancied the potting shed as it had a big window, lovely long work bench and plenty of shelving.
I will carry on day dreaming though and continue to work from my little space in our cottage. It's handy as we have a wood burning stove that keeps everything toasty through the winter and I can still look out onto the garden.
Two artists I met during my visit to Perthshire Open Studios earlier in the month do work from garden studios.
and Lorna Radbourne, Catriona Glass, also at Dunning.

If you fancy a visit to Gillies and Mackay, they are right next to the Cairn o' Mohr winery which has a lovely cafe, wine shop and tasting room.
Don't all these bottles look lovely with the sun shining through them!
My favourites are Spring Oak leaf and Elderberry.
View across The Carse of Gowrie, Perthshire
I spent some time this week listing new things in my Etsy shop and spent all day yesterday making felt so look out for lots of new pictures, boxes and jewellery coming soon!











  1. Such a great idea! And the extra space of a summer house sounds lovely!

    Can't wait to see all the new goodies!

    1. Thanks Pili! Glad you got your notebook and pendant ok. Thanks again for leaving such lovely feedback : )

  2. I want the shed with the wood-burning stove!

    Just off to buy my lottery ticket......

  3. Oh, to have a garden office! Think we'd definitely need the one with the home burning stove up here though Aileen, hehe :) Ah, well - dream on! Love the new work - I think I spy some HT in there :D

    1. Hi Alison, aren't the shed's dream worthy! And yes that's a bit of HT you see : )

  4. I think arranging a shed in the garden is a totally a different thing which makes us enjoyable and fun. My heart really goes for your lovely jewelers.


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