Friday, 14 October 2011

October Makes

It's the October school holidays here in Scotland and I cannot believe how quickly they have come around. Seems like no time at all since the children were heading back to school after the summer! It's always difficult to fit crafting time in around holidays so I was delighted when my Mum said she would take my children for a few days to let me get on with some work. They all had a great time and I put all my child free hours to good use.

I've been making some small felt landscapes ready for my upcoming fairs.
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This vibrant piece below is available in my Folksy shop and has been featured on Folksy's front page this week.

These little snowy scenes below have been a delight to make. I had one go off to Alaska last week and had a nice email from the customer to say she loves it and that she hopes to visit Scotland some day and trace some of her ancestry. Coincidently, I happen to have family with the same surname as hers so who knows, we might be distantly related! I love the connections we can make across oceans and continents via the internet.

In keeping with the season I've spent hours making lots of leaf shaped brooches this week. Here's a sneak peak at the cut felt pieces waiting to be stitched.

These leaves are not just cut from ready made felt. I use the finest hand dyed merino and silk fibres to make the felt then cut and match each piece, making each one different. The hand dyed fibres add to the uniqueness of the finished brooches.

These mauve and green shades are so pleasant together.

You can find these for sale in both my Etsy and Folksy shops as well as at Studio 222 in Newburgh, An Cnoc in Crieff, Zigzags in Dunkeld and Room 15 in Oban.
If there is a colour you would particularly like, just ask and I can list one especially for you

The birds are all made with Harris Tweed that I brought back from our summer holiday in the Outer Hebrides.
The wing pieces are handmade felt to add contrast and texture.

Brooches are all £12

I'm really looking forward to my upcoming fairs. I've got a new card stand for my stall and can't wait to see how it looks.

Right now I have to go and bake cakes. Flap jacks and fairy cakes I think.......and a big apple crumble! 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous colours!

  2. Wow beautiful, you have been busy!

  3. Your landscapes are stunning, I'm saving my pennies so I can have one! Love the brooches too, so cute x

  4. Gorgeous colours and textures in your brooches Aileen. x Jo

  5. I love the vibrant colours you've used for those cute little birds, Aileen! Liz x

  6. lovely tweed, lovely colours! i must get to work on the stash i brought back, but i'm almost reluctant to start cutting it!

  7. I love your landscapes. Gorgeous effects.


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