Thursday, 22 September 2011

Little Boxes

Little boxes on my table,
Little boxes made of textile art
Little boxes on my table,
Little boxes all unique,
There's a blue one and a purple one
And a landscape one and another one
And they're all made out of textile art
But they don't look just the same.
(sing to the tune of Little Boxes!)

So yes I have been making little boxes.

I first started making these last year and took a notion to try a few more this week. 

The original inspiration for the one above comes from the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye on the west coast of Scotland. The clear turquoise water flows straight out of the awe inspiring Cuillin mountains and tumbles downstream through a series of waterfalls and pools. The contrast of the blue water against the rugged shades of the mountain side really caught my eye. I made a wall hanging similar back in April.

This little box below is more a cupboard really. 

It's a totally unique and one off piece. I love to use my embellisher machine to turn a variety of fabrics, yarns and fibres into a sumptuous surface of texture and rich colour. Included in the mix here are voiles, organzas, felting fibres, yarn and devore velvet. I have also included a little angelina fibre here and there for a touch of sparkle.
The box is lined with bright purple felt and closes with voile ribbon ties. 

You know how the creative process takes you from one idea to the next.......
well I wondered how one of my felt landscapes would look turned into a box and filled with a selection of my printed cards.

This is a prototype and not available as yet.

For the lining I have used some of the Harris tweed that I bought from the weaver at Carloway on our trip to the Outer Hebrides in August.

I think I'll make the next one with the landscape horizontal.

Below is one I made last year with a little matching book inside. 
Perfect for keep sakes and secrets.

And on another note, I had these beautiful floating candles made just for me by
I chose the colour I wanted and the scent, payed by paypal and they arrived well packaged, within the week and are just exactly what I wanted.

Patchouli Floating Candles by Fraoch Highland Inspiration.

The first and second boxes are now available in my Etsy shop


  1. I love all your boxes, they are beautiful!

  2. I love all those pretty boxes - and the felted landscape one is absolutely gorgeous! What a good idea to fill with your cards: I reckon they'll be really popular gifts in the lead up to Christmas. Liz xx

  3. Oh my God, these are so pretty!

  4. The boxes are all beautiful. I went over to Etsy without reading the bit about the felted landscape not being available yet so I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will make some to sell. I am a big fan of your work!

  5. These are really stunning. Very unusual and perfectly finished. I am sure they will sell well...

  6. wow! these are lovely, fab colours too :)


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