Monday, 18 July 2011

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

5.30am on the north east coast of Scotland.
The promise of a lovely sunny day.

We didn't spend all of our holiday sitting on wind swept beaches. Having children aged 6 and 13 can be quite a challenge on holiday as they both like doing different things. The beach is usually a good option for both but some days it's nice to go and find other things to do. 
Scotland is great for museums and places of interest.
While my husband took our daughter to the 'Tain Through Time Museum' in Tain, I took my son to visit an old friend of mine from college. 

Brodie Nairn and his partner Nicola Burns run the contemporary glass studio 'Glasstorm' in Tain.
It was great to catch up with Brodie again. We haven't seen each other in nearly 20 years!
My son and I were delighted to be able to watch Brodie at work and he explained to us about his latest commission pieces. 

You can follow this link to see some superb glass work and read more about the Glasstorm Studio.

I also met Fiona Byrne who works at Glasstorm. Fi makes her own glass jewellry and has an Etsy shop which you can visit here 

Below is one of my faves from her shop.

'Summer Anchor Pendant' by FiFi Loves Jewellery

Another highlight of the holiday was visiting the lovely village of Dornoch.

Lovely cottages in warm sandstone with beautiful gardens.

A castle on the main street which is now a hotel.

Ahh.... the relaxing scent of summer roses.

And where did this inviting door lead to?

 A peaceful and enchanting walled garden.

It was so nice to just amble around and wander in and out of some lovely shops.

Since we got back from holiday I have been busy making small framed felt landscapes and felt bookmarks for Room 15 in Oban.

Today would have been a good day to be in Oban. They set the World Record for the longest 'Strip The Willow' ceilidh dance this afternoon! Some german tourists apparently thought they were going to witness some nudity!

I have also had a couple of orders for 'Highland Coo' pictures.
Not difficult to find the inspiration with a whole herd living next door.
I went out to lock the shed the other night and heard lots of munching and snuffling going on behind the hedge.
I turned round to see this little cutie peeking through.

Just look at the length of those lashes!

It's easy to order something from me. Just send me an email telling me what you are looking for and we can work out something unique to suit your budget.

'Wee Chubby Coo'
SOLD but you can order similar.

Last but not least on my list of things to share is that despite the dreadfully wet weather we've had for the last while, it dried up enough to go out picking flowers this evening.

These are all from our garden or the verges beside the farm track.
Can't wait for the honeysuckle to come out and fill the house with it's heavenly scent. I also can't wait for the sun to come out again....maybe tomorrow?


  1. Definitely! If, by any chance, it doesn't come out tomorrow yet, there's plenty of it around you anyway from what I can see!

  2. I had such a good time reading your post...I just got lost in your pictures and explantations.....Obviously, you had a great vacation....I sure would love to go to Scotland......It's a beautiful country...and my heritage is Scotch/Irish......I think that's enough of a reason to go, don't you?

    So glad you had a great trip....

  3. You've got 'sunshine' in your studio me thinks!
    I love the landscape best I think of your pictures, that is until you make something else I like!
    I love Oban, even thought of living up there at one time..dreaming....

    That litlle cow does have the most gorgeous eyelashes!
    Sandie xx

  4. Love your Wee Chubby Coo :-) he's cute!


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