Friday, 1 April 2016

Mountains, Lochs and Sea

After an incredibly busy month of March and hugely successful time at Edinburgh Yarn Festival, I took a few days off with my family. We could only stay away two nights but we made the most of it and packed lots of fabulously inspiring scenery into our trip!

We usually head for Skye in the Easter holidays but didn't have time to go all that way this year so we stayed in Fort William and made the most of the area in the short time we had. The beautiful surroundings and wonderful leisure facilities at the Ben Nevis Hotel made for a really great short break.

On our way to Fort William we stopped at the Nevis Range and took the cable car up the mountain. It was great fun being above the snow line and we walked out to the viewpoint where we could see rain falling in the distance over Loch Lochy (above) and this funnel of mist rising from a corrie (below) opposite Fort William.

We've been to Mallaig a couple of times before but didn't get a chance to stop in Glenfinnan. On our way out there we passed this wee hoose that I couldn't resist a photo of.

Loch Shiel below was beautifully calm and serene and as it was quite early we had the place to ourselves for a while.

Further west, we went round by Arisaig and stopped at Traigh. Lots of lovely white sandy horse shoe shaped beaches run along the coast here with breathtaking views out to the Isles of Eigg, Rhum and Skye. I really do love it here. We camped here once during the summer but it was busy and the weather was rubbish. I enjoyed this visit much more as it was quiet and the sun shone for us in between short showers. 

I really enjoy pottering along a beach just taking in the sounds of the water, the views out to sea and the bits and pieces found on the sand.

We sheltered from a heavy shower in the car but didn't want to rush away and I'm so glad we didn't as this stunning rainbow appeared and it dried up enough to go for a longer walk.

I couldn't resist another photo of another wee white cottage just in the right place below.

You can just about make out Eigg and Rhum in the distance.

 We enjoyed tea and scones OUTSIDE in Mallaig! It actually felt warm in the sun but soon came on rain again. By the time we drove round to Loch Morar the clouds were brooding over the surrounding mountains.

This is an area I could never tire of and I hope we can go back before too long. I'd really like to do some kayaking in these lovely waters. 

Next day we took a little drive around by Kinlochleven. The mountains were just stunning with their dusting of snow and that particular rusty brown colour at this of year.

The weather improved again so we went back up to Glen Nevis and drove to the very end of the road where you can park up and walk to An Steall waterfall. It was a brilliant walk, really enchanting going high along the gorge and emerging into the meadow with the waterfall crashing down the mountain at the other end. 

My husband and daughter traversed the wire bridge over the river Nevis but as we weren't going on any further I didn't really see the point! I'd have had a go if I'd had my gloves with me.

There was a wee bothy on the other side which looked cute through the trees. Another photo for my 'wee hoose' collection!
What I loved about this walk was that it took us right into the heart of the the mountains. There's no way I'd attempt climbing up Ben Nevis but I really enjoyed being at the foot of it and would happily have walked further and spent longer there if we'd had time.

The next few weeks will be spent preparing for Open Studios North Fife on 7th, 8th and 9th May.
I have just added a few things to my Etsy shop today including some Trinket Boxes and Sheep Jewellery.

My venue for Open Studios will be at 64 Commercial Road, Ladybank KY15 7JS. 
We'll be there from 10 - 6 each day.

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