Sunday, 5 May 2013

A Peek Inside My Studio During Open Studios North Fife 2013

Open Studios has been busier than ever this year and it's not over yet! I'm awake ridiculously early so I thought I'd get some photos uploaded to share before the day begins.

This is my third year taking part in Open Studios. There are 86 artists and makers taking part this year and as with other years, the response has been phenomenal!

Although I do live and work in the North Fife area, I prefer to move premises for Open Studios. I use my Step Dad's old office in Ladybank for the weekend which has the potential to become my permanent studio but I still prefer working from home.
I do my best to recreate my work space here though. I even brought my curtains!  

This is our little back room Gallery where I have my larger framed pieces displayed along with some framed prints.

We have also been serving tea, coffee and cake in here and at times it has been packed with people!

We set up a little Sales Desk and I'm so grateful to my Mum and friends for helping me out. They have been serving a constant stream of customers over the weekend which has left me free to talk to people about my processes and do a bit of demonstrating.

We've been playing with Transfer Paints this weekend and letting people have a go. Children and adults have all enjoyed it and many textile enthusiasts have been in to have a closer look at the embellisher machine and what it can do. The pink coat is there to display a brooch and to show people how the embellisher machine can be used to make motifs which can then be appliqued onto garments.

I still love my little lobster creel shelf that I brought home from Elie beach last month. In the interests of safety I restricted the display to cards as I have it hanging in a place where people might brush past and knock fragile things off it. The cards are harbour and sea themed though and it has been well admired.


The new mugs have been a big hit with the coos going off to new homes all over the country.

These will be available online when I re open my shops next Monday. I'm taking a little break to organise my stock.

It's great having so much space to display my work compared to the average 6' table you get at craft fairs.

It's a bit like playing at shops!


Felt and Seashell Trinket Boxes with a few complimentary jewellery pieces.

So if you are reading this on Monday 6th May, you still have time to come in and see us.
We are open from 10 - 6pm and can be found at 64 Commercial Road, Ladybank, KY15 7JS.
Just look for the white Open Studio boards. 
There are 7 other artists exhibiting in the village of Ladybank alone plus Off The Rails Art house Collective are open for visitors as well.

I'll be back next week with lots of new listings in my shops and perhaps a few more photos from our weekend.

Thank you so much to all those who have embraced the spirit of Open Studios and come in to see us and planned a route to visit as many as possible over the weekend. We really enjoy putting this event on for you and are delighted with the reaction we get. Here's to another busy day today!


  1. It looks wonderful Aileen! And you have the sunshine that will bring people out of their houses.
    You have worked hard - displays like that don't just happen.
    I hope you enjoy the event and I wish I wasn't 500 miles away today as I would love to see it with my own eyes.

  2. I think I'm about 500 miles away too but I hope you blog about your processes, the transfer paints and the embellisher machine one of these days for those of us who would have loved to come along but couldn't! Sounds like a wonderful weekend :) xxx

  3. Wow, it all looks fantastic! I'd love to visit and spend hours looking over everything you have set up there!

    Btw, my mum loves her brooch! Mother's Day in Spain was yesterday (the 5th) and she is already wondering on what coat or cardigan to pin it! Thanks a lot!

  4. Oh Aileen! This is absolutely wonderful! Brilliant! I love, love, love the whole concept - it's no wonder at all to me why people come to shop and to browse (and to enjoy coffee, cake and conversation and crafts) with you. I would love to just hop on the next flight over to you there - the photos themselves are just a joy to look at, so I can only imagine (and wish I was there) to be there and soak in all that great energy and admire all those beautiful craft pieces from you and the other artists and craftspeople too.

    A fantastic idea - why oh why dooesn't anyone in Ireland have something like this? they?

    I'm so over-the-moon delighted and chuffed for you that it's all going so well, and it's no wonder why that is, of course. Just looking at all those beautiful items on display and on offer, and how inviting and warm and welcoming it is - just makes me smile a big toothy grin taking it all in via these photos.

    May your success at the Open Studio and all that you do continue to go from strength to strength. Fair play to you, Aileen. You are truly an inspiration to me (forgive me if I sound like a broken record, lol).

    ps - hi Pili! :)

  5. Love your space. beautiful!


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