Monday, 18 February 2013

Come With Me Down By The Sea

I'm really looking forward to going back to Dingle this summer. This is Fungi the Dingle Dolphin and it's 30 years since he took up residence in Dingle Bay!

I had the privilege of meeting this playful Dolphin once under water. My friend Kirsty and I were spending the summer in Dingle on the west coast of Ireland and we'd go down to the little beach each evening and go for a swim in the hope of meeting Fungi. We had no wet suits 
or snorkels or anything but we got a borrow of a face mask and one evening this German couple were out in a kayak and they kept telling me to 'look unter!! look unter!!' and so I dipped under the water and there was Fungi gliding past! It was SO exhilarating! I often dream about him. Can't wait to see him again this summer.

A collection of sea themed items available in my Etsy shop

I'm working on some new felt pictures this week and a few commission pieces. The new sketchbooks, notebooks, Giclee prints and cards are going like hot cakes out of my Etsy shop too so lots to keep me busy!


  1. hi, lovely collection of sea pieces, ali

  2. I have been snorkelling many times but never had the privilege to see a dolphin under water, lucky you, great sea themes items

  3. How lovely to have seen the Dingle Dolphin while you were in the water!

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    1. Hey Pili! How are you? I've missed our chats on your blog.

      Are you still planning on visiting Ireland again soon? How cool it'd be for us to meet up.

      Slan go foill - June

  5. Dingle is indeed beautiful, Aileen. I've never 'met' Fungi, but have always wanted to. I did, however, buy a book all about him when we visited Dingle all those years ago.

    I hope that we may be able to meet this summer, somewhere between Dingle and Donegal.

    Your sea-themed pieces, as is everything you create, are beautiful.

  6. Hi again Aileen - I want to buy a notebook from your Etsy shop, but do I have to sign up to Facebook in order to place the order? Or can I just go to Etsy and buy directly from you via your Etsy shop, without the need for Facebook?

  7. No worries, Aileen! I finally got it to work, without the need for FB. So many beautiful things to choose from, that it's difficult to decide on only one.

    Can hardly wait to receive it, and then to enjoy it.


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