Sunday, 10 June 2012


I promised to share some photos from our trip to the west coast last weekend so here is the first installment.

We camped near Oban at Gallanach which is just a hop and a skip across the sound from the small island of Kerrera. Since the weather was lovely and the ferry across to to the island was just a short walk from the campsite, we set off for a day out adventuring round this very green looking island.

Kerrera Ferry

We took the red route around the island and went clockwise giving us beautiful views back across the sound to the mainland.

Horseshoe Bay

We met sheep everywhere!
This wee family were sheltering in the hollow as we came around a corner. I don't think they were very comfortable with us being in such close proximity but they weren't for giving up their shady spot either so they put up with being photographed.

At the southern tip of the island there is this lovely bay looking south to the Isle of Seil and beyond to Scarba, Luing and Jura. Gylen castle dominates the view.

The castle was built in 1582 by the Clan MacDougall. It was only occupied for a relatively short period of time as it was besieged then burned by the Covenanters in 1647 during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.
In May 2006 a restoration of the castle was completed with grants from Historic Scotland and money raised by worldwide members of Clan MacDougall.

We enjoyed spending a bit of time here, eating our picnic, climbing up and down the hillocks and peering into rock pools. Should have got some good rock pool photos but I was too engrossed in the views.

The lambs definitely seemed more chilled out the further round the island we trecked.

Here is a classic Hebridean scene with the sheep on high ground and the Cal Mac ferry in the distance.

As we climbed higher from the west side of the island, up over the middle, I noticed a lot of sheep fibres stuck on the dry stone walls. Reminded me very much of the woolly walls in my felt pictures!

Sold but more coming soon.

Loved this house at Barr nam Boc Bay.

And this one at the sheep farm heading back down to the jetty.

Looks really peaceful doesn't it? But the noise from bleating sheep here was deafening! Amazing how each bleat and baaa sounds different though.

Came across a few oddities on our walk as well.
I liked the squares within squares here and the textures in the peeling paint.

And a nice bright blue with a touch of rust is always a pleasing combination!

This old horsebox seems to have been a souvenir shop at one time.

All in all we enjoyed our visit. New inspiration has been gathered and happy family memries made.
When I saw this sunset I'll admit that I felt rather hemmed in and would have loved to have been out on Iona or on the south west tip of Mull. I do love looking out to the open sea, with waves crashing in and that feeling of being on the edge of the world.
The main reason for going to Oban though was so I could drop new stock off at the gift shop Room 15. I'll share some photos from there in the next post.

The Makers Market on Saturday was great. I met a few fellow Open Studio artists which was nice and a busy day was had.

Next event is Falkland Street Fair on Saturday 23rd June so if you are local be sure and put that in your diary.


  1. Oh Aileen, I loved this post!
    In the early '90's I spent many a happy holiday at Gallanach, not camping but, using the caravans, my then partner refused to camp out.
    Kerrera is a lovely little Island and we too loved the cottage!
    I'm going to have to get up there sometime if only to see the restored Castle!
    Around the west of the Island, looking over to Mull, was a small holding, quite near to the shore and I used to dream of living there!
    I wonder if the Island school is still in use? The parents used to pick the children up on Quad bikes, tractors and trailers!
    Oh, am I going to have lovely dreams tonight! (Morning as I can't sleep!).

    Thank you for sharing the photos.
    Did you get over to Iona? Love the colours in the stone work, it's very much like our Leicestershire stone work.And the view to Staffa, when you see it, you can't help but hum the tune'Fingal's Cave LOL!

    Have a great week,

    Sandie xx

  2. Aileen,
    Thanks for giving us a glimpse into a faraway place---such beautiful photos and descriptive captions. The cottages are perfect and the 'wee lambs' are adorable.
    I can just envision your next creation that your trip inspires in you!


  3. Thank you Elise and Sandie.
    I'm so glad this inspired happy memories for you Sandie! We have been to Iona a few times in the past and out to Staffa twice. I climbed past the barrier in Fingal's Cave and sang just to experience the accoustics. Amazing!
    The school on Kerrera is closed now. It dwindled down to just two children. One farmer passed us on his quad bike but other than that we saw very few inhabitants.

  4. Thank you for sharing your photos - as I looked at them I felt as if I was having a little holiday myself!

  5. All great photos indeed! I love them all, sounds like it's a wonderful place to visit!

  6. what a lovely trip! i visited Mull and Iona years ago, the scenery is breath taking :)

    i'm popping over to let you know that i've nominated you for the 'Versatile Blogger' award - the details about it are over on my blog. You don't have to do anything (although if you fancy it you can join in :)), i just wanted to put your lovely blog on my list! x

  7. Oh Aileen, what a great day you've had, and such great landscape! Looking forward to see the results of the day's inspirations.
    Love your sheep!

  8. hello home sweet home! i was one of the children who went to the school on kerrera, though i will be honest and say that i dont remeber being picked up, we usually walked or ran home along with most of the other children. I have just moved back to the island with my husband and small son, though sadly he will have to go to school on the mainland. Enjoy your next visit to kerrera, all the best, Gill

    1. Hi Gill. That's brilliant that you have moved back there! How lovely for you to bring your son up in such a special place. Shame he has to go to school on the mainland but at least it's not too far away : )

  9. So very, very beautiful. I want to go there right this moment and just immerse myself in all that natural beauty. The views are indeed stunning, if not absolutely magical. I love the photos of the cottages, the castle and of course, the adorable baas - I love sheep!

    Thanks for sharing these photos with us, and bringing back memories of the great time you had there. One day, I hope to visit Scotland. After India, or actually, right up there with India, Scotland is the place I want to visit and stay for a wee while.


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