Thursday, 24 May 2012

New Sheep Brooches and Other News

Been very busy since the Open Studios weekend fulfilling orders and commissions and coming up with some new ideas.

I'm delighted to be able to share this commission piece with my customer's permission.
I was sent photos of this beautiful crofters cottage on North Uist and asked to make a felt picture featuring the cottage, a rainbow disappearing into the sea, some wee sheep and a bit of artistic license with the background and sea.

Struan Cottage

I'm delighted with how it turned out and so is my customer and the recipient.
The cottage has been in my customers family for years and she feels that this piece will become a real family heir loom.

This is one of the photos I worked from. The cottage is available to rent for holidays and I really hope to go their maybe next year. After our visit to Harris last summer, we are really hankering to visit the Uists and to stay somewhere like this would be amazing! Beats a tent any day!

As well as working on commissions I have been rebuilding my stock after a very busy time at Open Studios. The sheep pendants continue to be popular and I have made a few more available in my Etsy Shop. There is a whole section there for Sheep Jewellery.


I often get asked if I make the sheep pendants as brooches and I'm pleased to say that now I do! More shapes and sizes coming soon but these are the first designs hot off the work table.

The Orkney fibres in this one above make the landscape look like a wild Scottish mountain covered in heather.

Sheep Brooches £15
3.5cm in diameter
So as well as new brooches, I have some new card designs in the pipeline and hope to get some framed pieces photographed and listed later today.
If you are in the Angus area this weekend, look out for Open Studio signs all over the place as Angus Open Studios runs from today Thursday 24th to Monday 28th May 2012.
We have planned a route and hope to visit some potters, jewellers, textile artists and other designers. Looking forward to visiting this collaboration of three artists who have set up a rather splendid tent in a garden on Dishlandtown Street in Arbroath! Makes me think of a make believe land from a children's story book!


  1. Lovely new work! Your beautiful card arrived with me this week, thank you so much, I hope the felting needles will be with you soon :)

  2. I'm not surprised that your customer was pleased with her cottage and rainbow - it's beautiful!

  3. Love all your new pieces Aileen :)

    Hope you have a great trip to Angus Open Studios. Kirsty & I are going tomorrow and Kerfuffle is high on our list of priorities. I stock a small selection of her jewellery at Starfish, but I'm dying to see her boxes!
    Kate x

  4. Beautiful! And I want to rent the cottage too..

  5. That will make a lovely family heirloom. I knew I couldn't be the only one to find uses for old bandage- not sure about 'mummies' though.

  6. These are wonderful, Aileen. Especially when comparing your finished brooch compared to the actual photograph of the crofter's cottage. Beautiful! I especially love the ones you used the Orkney fibres - the purples and blues just make me smile and make my heart sing, as they are my favourite colours.

    Thanks for sharing these with us, and for giving my weekend a very happy start, filled with colour...and lovely wee sheep.


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