Monday, 13 June 2011

A Bird In The Hand

This week I'm working on some more new brooches. I've always liked bird shaped brooches and have made many over the years. 
The garden flowers I'm using as props are being very obliging with their matching colours.

I really enjoyed sitting in the shed doing a little sewing at the weekend. I'm delighted that these Vintage Table Linens have found a perfect home. Don't the colours go so well!

I find it very time consuming hand stitching beads and brooch bars but it is also very enjoyable when I can do it sitting in my little garden hideaway. 


Here are some finished leaf brooches. I have some listed in both my Online Shops.


I'm very careful when I'm sewing outside not to let any bits of thread fly off in the wind. I found this little fellow stuck in a Cypress tree and couldn't really understand why. I had to get a chair and a broom and very carefully pull the branch down low enough to see how I could help. Turned out there was a fine thread tangled in the tree and caught round the birds ankle. I managed to free him easily enough and snip the thread off without harm to the bird. It wasn't a sewing thread, more like a string fibre or something but even so, I'll keep a little bin beside me while I work for all those snippets of thread and wool.

There are a whole gang of Goldfinch enjoying all the wild thistle seed at the side of the farm track near our cottage. It's lovely to see them flit from stem to stem, bush to bush then fly off in a flock over the field.


  1. Your creations are wonderful!! And the bird is beautiful. I love animals.

    A greeting

  2. Beautiful new brooches, they're such lovely glowing colours :) And what a beautiful little Goldfinch, thank you for mentioning that about threads, I'd never thought about that before, I shall be extra careful when sewing outdoors now!

  3. Your brooches are so beautiful...I love the colors you use......I am so happy you were able to help this gorgeous little bird...never thought about strings getting in their way.....Thanks for the tip......

    I am so glad you are happy using your "new"'s the perfect place to work....

  4. Really love the bird brooches.
    Sarah x

  5. The bird brooches are wonderful!

    I'm glad you've publicly highlighted the problem birds (and other animals) have with rubbish. I get so cross when I see the amount of cassette tape ribbon, four-way plastic can ties, broken bottles and sharp tins etc etc carelessly tossed aside that can cause suffering and death to wildlife.

    Rant over.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the summer sewing in your new room - it's lovely!

  6. Your brooches are beautiful Aileen, such vibrant colours at times like this I wish someone would invent feely vision!! Maybe someday...! I love the presentation of all your creations too.
    Thanks for your positive and friendly comment on my blog...I've been following you on fb!!
    Bird saving - how kind (and courageous)!
    Keep up the great creations!
    Ali ;-)

  7. Ooooo! Well done on rescuing the goldfinch!!

    I am blog-hopping tonight as I can't sleep lately. I'm very pleased to have come across your blog. I love bird shapes, too and I'm thinking about trying to needle-felt a bird brooch. I'd have to do a round one though, I think, so maybe a robin or a cheeky wren.... see now you've got me thinking so I'll never get to sleep!!!!

  8. Lovely brooches as ever. And what a gorgeous goldfinch. I clearly need to encourage a patch of thistles - our trouble of goldfinches (apparently that's one of the collective nouns - very apt...) is costing us a fortune in niger seed!

  9. Your birds & leaves & hearts are wonderful, such delicious colors.

  10. Your work is beautiful and so is the bird. Glad you were able to help him.


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