Tuesday, 4 September 2012

New For September

New cards are back in stock in both my Etsy and Folksy shops.

There are many designs to choose from including this new Apple Tree and Sheep design.

All cards are £2.50 each with a discount on the sets of  four or six.

Also new this week are these two landscape pieces.
They both come framed at £55

Although these pieces feature the same little cottage, the difference is in the background felt. I have added a lot more texture and different fibres into the landscape making each piece even more unique.

Both are available in my Etsy shop now.
I have also listed a few new boxes on Etsy.
This little box features beautiful purple Harris Tweed that I bought straight from the weavers shed on Lewis. It is such a gorgeous colour. I have complimented it with my own handmade felt in toning shades.

Also new are these two little sheep boxes.

All the wee boxes are £25 and can be found here.
And as the season turns, I thought I'd add a few more apple trees to the collection.

Sheep Pendants £20 including Gift Box


  1. I love all your designs, really pretty and lovely interpretations of the highlands. The new box designs look fantantic. Ali x

  2. I really love the texture the felt adds to all your pieces!

    And I'm absolutely in love the with fluffly sheep 'round the apple tree! So cute!

  3. Love them all! Those apple trees are gorgeous. I really wanted to make it over to Harris this time - I haven't been to either Harris or Lewis - but we didn't make it over this year. Next time!

  4. These are all so beautiful. Very clever!

  5. Beautiful! Absolutely, wonderfully beautiful. I'm in love with everything I'm looking at here, Aileen. You are such an inspiration to me - I just fall in love with everything you create. The colours, the images themselves, and of course, your style and crafts skills extraordinaire. There is a gallery here in Ireland that I think would really love to have your cards and wee sheepie boxes and everything else you've got on offer. I'll send you their e-mail address or FB info if you'd like - just e-mail me.

    Are you doing any Christmas craft fairs or winter markets this year? I've got one confirmed so far (unofficially - as the application forms still have to be sent out and then back to the organiser), but hoping for more to come.

    Keep on creating the truly beautiful things you create! They are all a joy and a delight and just make me smile all day - even on a gloomy, grey and threatening-to-rain-at-any-moment type of day that most autumn days in the west of Ireland usually are, everything I see here just brightens the day up that much more.

  6. Looks very nice and brings lot of ideas for home decorating too. You’ve got such a good creative hands. I love the sheep boxes and textured designs. Keep it up!


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