Friday, 28 September 2012

Little Landscapes and Latest Leaves

It has been all about pictures and brooches this week. I've had a real run on pictures since we got back from our holiday in August. Lots of commissions and these little landscapes flying off the shelves as soon as they are listed.
Wildflower Meadow Cottage
£55 Framed
Available now Here
Fraoch Cottage
£55 Framed
I have also been busy building up a stock of brooches.
I love making these as each one is different. Choosing just the right area of felt to cut the leaf shape from, stitching it up then sitting by the fire of an evening sewing all the beads, wires and brooch bars on is a never ending project. I'm not good at sitting doing nothing so always having a wee stock of brooches to work on is very satisfying.
Ivy Leaf Brooch Pin/Cloak Clasp
The Ivy Leaf design is loosely inspired by the cloak clasps given to the Hobbits by the Elf Queen in Lord of The Rings. If I remember rightly, the clasps in the film (which I only saw this year and fell asleep half way through), were green enamel and silver. Mine have extra long brooch bars on the back making them perfect for keeping a cloak, shawl or cardigan closed. I often wear a brooch on my bag as well and they would also work on a hat.

 The red Ivy Leaf has sold but all the rest are available in my Etsy shop here

The Birdie Brooches are Harris Tweed with little handmade felt wings.
Hopefully I will have some new sheep pendants and earrings available next week.


  1. Piękne prace, super ptaszyny. Świetne miejsce ekspozycyjne.

  2. Those are absolutely lovely! I adore the second landscape!

    And the brooches are super cute too!

  3. Every leaf looks really fantastic and all are different way of design and the colors of landscape and leaf really attracts my eyes.


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