Monday, 27 August 2012

Old Haunts

This is the River Almond near Huntingtower just outside Perth.
It's the river I grew up with either picnicking as a family further upstream, jumping and swimming in it here with friends or just going for a walk 'round the river' as I called it throughout my teen years. I'd spend endless hours here just sitting and thinking or learning songs.
My younger brother still lives near here so we went for a walk 'round the river' when we were visiting at the weekend.
My children really enjoyed hearing my stories about adventures I had round here as a girl and we spent ages skimming stones and just enjoying the peace and quiet.

 I couldn't resist a few close up shots of little details I found interesting.
First hints of Autumn

Nice textures.

There's nothing spectacular about this walk but it holds a lot of memories for me and it was nice to take my children back to somewhere I'd spent so much time. My Grandparents lived on the other side of the river so there are a lot of family memories in this area.

Spotted this wee cutie well camouflaged in the wheat field.
 I have a few new pieces listed in my Etsy shop but nothing new off the craft table yet.
I'm busy working on commission pieces at the moment, then it will be all go for up coming events.

Felt Leaf Pendants £20


Wildflower Cottage


Highland Poppy Cottage


My brother took these two photos on one of his trips to the highlands. Impressive horns aren't they! And doesn't this coo's coat match the russet landscape below.

I've added a little snap shot of my on line shop below which can be clicked on should you require any more info on pieces available.


  1. You may think it's not spectacular, but it looks like a wonderful place to relax and walk around! No wonder it was a place to think for you as a teen!

    I love the leaf pendants too! And that cow photo is amazing!

    1. Thanks Pili. I suppose we are spoilt for choice when it comes to spectacular scenery and walks here in Scotland, especially around Perthshire. I'd highly recommend the area to visitors : )

  2. It is spectacular and wonderful. There are too few places like it more's the pity.

    Are you going to make a 'feltie' of the last photo? The composition is just right for it.

    1. Thanks Annie and Lyn. Yes the last photo is definitely inspirational. I like the composition. It's similar to one I made last year called First Snow which I then had printed into a card.

  3. Thanks for those beautiful pictures! I love your country. gr.

  4. Hey Aileen, it's so nice to take a walk down memory lane and share it with your children.....

    I love Highland Cow's and the landscape pic below it is the perfect much....stunning as are your lovely makes.

    Claire :}


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