Friday, 29 March 2013

Rainbow Cake and A Few New Things

It has been an incredibly busy month here and seems to have just flown by in a blurry,  flurry of snow and creativity.

First of all I must share this amazing cake with you all. Well actually, I can't share it because we ate it all! But my friend Isabel made it for me using one of my felt pictures as inspiration. The icing was enough to be oooing and aahing over but imagine our surprise when we cut into it!

A rainbow cake inside! Tasted absolutely delicious too!
Who needs an occasion to eat cake? Not us :)

Hot off the work table are these new pendants and earrings.

These heart shaped pendants are smaller than my usual ones and come on a 16 inch silver plated snake chain.

The matching earrings are hung on locally handmade, solid silver ear wires in a variety of styles. 

I will have all these new pieces with me at Falkland Craft Market next Saturday, 6th April.

Also available in felt.

More new earrings include these cute little circular ones.
Very versatile and easy to wear.

I've also been busy making a batch of Sheep earrings, pendants and brooches.

 I have lots of printed cards in stock and I'm really looking forward to seeing them all displayed together at the fair. 

I will have my range of notebooks and sketchbooks with me also and hope to have a few pictures and trinket boxes made in time as well.

However, it can't be all work and no play this week as it is the holidays and I got this book out of the library for my daughter and I to make a few things from. It's a really great book and most of the projects can be made with things we already have around the house. We just need to invest in some new poster paints in pretty colours and we'll be happily crafting away these cold days.

 As always, a variety of my work is available to buy online here


  1. Oh that cake looks amazing!

  2. Hello Aileen,

    I have never seen a more artistic Rainbow Cake ever... It is absolutely stunningly beautiful in every way. The top of the cake looks actually like your wool felted art. Just truly amazing. Your Friend was very kind and thoughtful to create such a lovely gift for you. I would of loved to taste this yummy looking cake too.

    Of course your wool art is very lovely too. I wish you and your family a Very Happy Easter Holiday. Hugs Judy

  3. Oh wow what an amazing cake!! Looks delicious

  4. Oh my, look at the wonderful work on the fondant covering, and of course... rainbow cake inside!! I'm not sure if I'd been able to cut into the cake, it looks so amazing! But I'm sure it must have been delicious too!

  5. I couldn't eat such cake, but what a great piece, you have a great friend to makethis for you, it looks real good, a piece off art too. ;))
    Love the new pendants and those cheap earrings are adoreble!

  6. such beautiful work. The heart pendants are beautiful, the little sheep earrings are so cute and the notebooks are just works of art!

  7. ... Wow! you are so lucky to have such a wonderful friend! ... what a rainbow! ... love your little sheep earings, the pendants and ..... well all of your work - beautiful

  8. Fantastic cake. Your range of goodies for sale is as mouthwatering as the rainbow sponge!

  9. I love that cake! As deliciuos as I'm sure each forkful was, I don't think I could take a knife to it right away, though - it's too beautiful just the way it is, that I'd want to just admire it for a few days first.

    I also love those pendants, Aileen. Absolutely beautiful. My colours - purples and blues - are all in there. I think that after I buy a second notebook from you (the first one is more than half used up now, with drawings, sketches, mini watercolour paintings and a bit of journalling for good measure), I think I want to treat myself (again!) to one of those pendants. How I wish I could just hop on a Ryanair flight and come to the Craft Market next Saturday...maybe one day, I'll just throw caution to the wind and head on out there.

    Here's wishing you and your family, as well as all your readers and subscribers a very happy and peaceful Easter.

  10. I've only ever seen rainbow cake on Pinterest before... gobsmacked that a real live person can get it together & with such a gorgeous picture on top! :)

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