Friday, 22 June 2012

Falkland Street Fair 2012

You can find me and my work at Falkland Festival Street Fair tomorrow,
Saturday 23rd June, 11-3pm.

We had a great time last year and hope to have an even better time this year!

I will be sharing a stand with Kirsty again who will be doing on the spot Soap Rock Workshops.

Some new makes from me include this felt Box and Notebook.

 The felt was a bit of an experiment. I tried Nuno felting onto some polyester chiffon.
I had bought the chiffon for a different project but it turned out to be the wrong kind for what I wanted it for. No matter how much I tried hand felting it, the fibres just didn't want to cling to the chiffon. Turns out it's the wrong kind of chiffon for Nuno felting as well! So I threw the whole thing in the washing machine and this was how it came out. A happy accident indeed : )

In order to retain the lovely double sided nature of the nuno felt
I decided to make a wee box with matching notebook but didn't line either so that the loopy texture of the chiffon side can still be seen. Quite a soft and squishy box but the notebook fits snug inside helping it keep it's shape.

 I will also have a few Sheep In Boxes with me.

 Knitted felted sheep by Lynne Seaton at My Baboo

Along with some new Sheep pendants.

And one or two new felt pictures.

 Lupins by The Stream

Wee Hoose In The Heather

Cosy Cottage Among The Heather

I've also been a bit distracted this week watching these Woodpeckers in the Rown Tree just outside the window.
The baby one wasn't managing to cling to the feeder so the adult male was feeding it on the branch.
The photo is slightly out of focus but it's so hard to get a decent photo of them as they fly away at the slightest movement.
I had to perform stealth moves up to the window to get this one plus it was windy outside and everything was moving about.

Turns out there is a third bird aswell. A slightly older juvenile. It's a bit of a bully though and tends to chase the smaller birds away from the tree.
In the few days that I've been watching, this young one has learned to feed itself though and now clings happily to the feeder.


  1. Hahaha...sheep in them!! XXO-

  2. I would really love to see your beautiful work at the fair. But I'm living in the Netherlands.... Hope you have fun, and enjoy. gr. Marga
    (love the birds)

  3. Piękna wystawa i prace.
    Owieczki obłędne!

  4. Aw, I absolutely love those wee sheepies in their boxes! I hope the fair was good. How's the weather up there? Here, we've had a day off the rain but yesterday and Thursday were horrendous! I love all of your goodies, and I also love how very Scottish your stand looks. Bring a tear to my homesick eye!

  5. I would've loved to have been there to visit (and to buy!) at the Falkland Street fair last weekend. How did it go? Bet you sold up a storm full of boxes of sheep - they're so adorable and lovely! And one of these days (sooner rather than later) I'm not only goig to get a wee sheep in the box, but definitely a pendant. It's so hard to choose which one (what a complaint!) as they're all so lovely.

    If you took some photos at the fair last weekend, it'd be wonderful to see them.

    Sounds and looks like everything's going brilliantly for you, Aileen, and I'm delighted.

    Oh! And thanks for posting those beautiful photos of Kerrera a couple of weeks/posts ago. I wanted to post a comment, but between my PC acting up (nothing new there, really) and nursing a sick kitty (he's fine now), I got completely distracted and thrown off course in the scheme of things I wanted to do.

    Keep on making those wee sheep in boxes - I love 'em!


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