Friday, 30 March 2012

Summertime Spring

Haven't we been having the most glorious summerlike days!
I swept out the summer shed earlier this month thinking that really I was a bit ahead of myself but we have been basking in there this week whenever we've had a chance. Just wonderful and so relaxing.

We were gifted this pretty blue and white china by friends who moved into a new house. The previous owners had just left it. I love to display flowers in jugs and teapots so we have given this china a nice new home and thanks to all this sunshine, we have an abundance of daffodils, flowering current and lenten roses to pick.

I know it's a bit early for lupins but I couldn't resist putting a few in this new landscape piece.

Below is a 'sketch' for a bigger piece I hope to make in time for Open Studios in May.

 I have also been working on a few more little boxes to add to the collection. These are just 5cm x 5cm and are made with genuine Harris Tweed.

And here is Foxee showing off our beautiful new brochure for this years Open Studio event.
You can pick one up in most public places around Fife, Edinburgh, Lothian, Perth, Tayside, Dundee and Angus. You can also download one at
Only 5 weeks to go!

To read about how Foxee became a beloved member of our family go here and here.


  1. Drugie zdjęcie z rozbryzgiem na kamieniach cudowne w wykonaniu.

  2. The vase of spring flowers is very pretty - I hope you still have the good weather with you, but down south it's all clouded over now and the temperature has dropped a bit.

    The lupins are lovely and the whole piece is very attractive - the 'sketch' is intriguing and I'm looking forward to seeing it whole.

  3. Hey Aileen, I love Lupins and they look great in your landscape piece.....

    Nice to hear you are enjoying some beautiful, Spring weather and the flowers look so pretty in the china. Fancy leaving pieces like that behind when you move house!!
    The 'sketch' looks very interesting.....sea spray on rocks perhaps?....

    Enjoy your weekend,

    CLaire :}

  4. Thank you for your comments : ) The children have come off on holiday for two weeks so of course the weather has changed! They will probably be stuck indoors for most of their holidays now! Really cold today! I had hoped we could light a fire and toast marshmallows this evening. Might do it anyway : )

  5. I love the felt picture of the water splashing against the rocks. Aileen; it's amazing what you can do with wool!
    Have a great Easter break with the children (whatever the weather!)
    Liz x


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