Sunday, 4 December 2011

December and It Finally Feels Like Winter!

Here are a few pieces I made using all that stash shown in the last post.

Heart Shaped Pendant

 Wrist Cuff

Wrist Cuff
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I received a commission from a customer to make her a silvery grey felt brooch so I made a few and let her choose which one she preferred. 
This one is now available in my Folksy Shop

Silvery Grey Brooch

I also managed to get a couple of new boxes made. I sold all but one of the previous ones.

These are both in my Etsy Shop priced £30 each.

I have also been busy with more sheep pendants
Got some new ones available both on Etsy and Folksy but they are selling out really quickly.

All my chains now come with a little extension making them wearable up to 18 inches long. 

I wore one of my own pendants and a matching ring to the Trad Music Awards last night in Perth. My outfit was purple and mauve so I wore a textile and resin heart and purple textile ring to match and I did feel that the 16" chain was a little short on this occasion. 

The Trad Awards were fantastic with such a great line up and everyone decked out in their finery and killer heels! Except I don't do heels. It's hard enough negotiating stairs in a long flouncy skirt never mind heels as well! We were on the lower balcony seats but I still managed to come home with these beautiful Amaryllis from one of the tables.

You can watch highlights from the Trad Awards on BBC Alba on Monday night and on the BBC i player for a week after. I'll be watching with my daughter and playing 'Spot Granny In The Crowd'! My Mum was at one of the tables with other Folk Club and TMSA members enjoying the wine and chocolates.

And last but not least on this little catch up post, I have made this felt landscape available in my Folksy Shop also.

'Red Poppies Along The Wall'


  1. Sounds like a fun evening! I love the colours in that final piece - so rich and vibrant! Just what I needed after such a gloomy grey day. Liz x

  2. Hi! (I'm a FiberCrazed group member) So glad to find your blog. I love your jewelry and trinket boxes...and everything! xo


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