Friday, 14 June 2013

New Cards In Stock

Today I have had a delivery of a whole batch of new printed cards. All my creative plans for the day went out the window as I have spent hours faffing about taking photos and listing them all in both my Etsy and Folksy shops.

I have a variety of new designs and some old favourites available.

Shepherd's Bothy is new.

Lavender Bothy is also new. The original picture is still available here.

Red Roofed Cottage was a big favourite of many over on Facebook when I shared the picture  of the original. The original is sold but the cards is available here .

Set of Six Including the three new designs and the ever popular 'Distant Glens', 'Over The Brig', 'Fir Tree Cottage' and 'Red Poppies'

I also have this new Set of Four available.

'Cottage By The Stream', 'Purple Hills', 'Red Roofed Cottage' and 'Island Cottage and Boat'

Harvey and Alistair are also back in stock.

Available individually or as a pair.

£2.50 each or £4.95 the pair.

 I've been outside photographing my prints today as well. 

I have 'Vibrant Hills' available in two different sizes.
15 x 15 cm in a 25 x 25 cm Mount at £30
25 x 25 cm in a 36 x 36 cm Mount at a special price of £35

'Island Cottage and Boat' is also available in the same dimensions.


Here are another two Giclee Prints that I have available. Only one of each left after Open Studios last month.

'Rainbow Valley'

'Island and Gulls'

 So apart from taking dozens of photos of cards and prints today, this week I have been busy making felt backgrounds for a series of pictures I plan to use for my 2014 Calendar.

It feels a bit mad making a winter picture in June but I have to start somewhere so I have started with January.

These are the loose fibres all laid out ready for felting.

Here they are after they have been made wet and lightly rolled.

Here we are a few stages on with the cottage added and some detail introduced into the river.

 And here we have a few sheep grazing and some more detail in the river.
The scene is loosely based on Glencoe but I have given my wee hoose a red roof and there were no sheep grazing when we passed through the glen last week. Although it's meant to be January I didn't want to make it too snowy and wintry either as it can make the result quite colourless.
So a few wee bits to finish then I'll make a start on February. I'm hoping to have the Calendar ready by September and all the original pictures will up for sale by then as well.

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  1. That's fascinating to see the process in your felted pieces and how precise your shapes are. Wonderful -- thank you!


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