Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tales from The Fairs

 It has been an incredibly busy four weeks for me with five craft shows over four weekends but lots of fun taking my work out around Perthshire and Fife.
Last weekend found me at my second Exclusively Highlands event held at Blair Castle in beautiful highland Perthshire.
I was invited to write about the event for's online magazine which you can read here
In the meantime here are some photos from this most stunning of locations.

You can just see the castle turrets above the treetops here. I took this photo from our accommodation at Tom of Lude Steading Cottages. I've never exhibited at a fair where I had to stay over before but my friend and I had a great time and made a weekend of it by staying for two nights. It was nice getting a chance to get to know some of the other stall holders a little better and much hilarity was had over a few bottles of wine.
Neighbouring sheep.
Blair Castle is a beautiful building and made a great venue for this event.

The Hall was resplendent with over 30 stalls featuring a great variety of art, craft, jewellery, photography, ceramics, soap, textiles, food, wood and more.
I couldn't believe it when a man came in and lit the fire opposite my stall! How fab is that! It added such a cheerfulness to the event and kept us all nice and warm.

Whisky Barrel Furniture and Gifts by Darach
My own stall below.
We were totally spoilt as we had the Leachkin Bakery to the left of us as well!
I've never eaten so much cake in my life!

Another new exhibitor at Exclusively Highlands was Morag McGee Ceramics from Aberdeenshire. It was great to get a chat with Morag as she is involved with NEOS (North East Open Studios) so we were comparing notes a bit about Open Studio events.

Next to Morag was another North Easter from Aberdeen, Aubin Stewart with her Aubeebop Jewellery collection. Aubin likes to make her jewellery pieces from re-fashioned collectible materials, acrylics, metals, precious pearls and gemstones.  She loves giving a preciousness to ordinary or discarded materials.

If you enjoyed BBC's Autumn Watch this year, you will love Eoghain McLean's wildlife photography. We particularly liked a canvas of an otter popping up out of seaweed with such a fantastic expression on it's face.

 Love these wee cupboards made from reclaimed wood by Rustic Simplicity


 The craziest weekend was the week before when I had a stall at The Steeple in Newburgh on the Saturday and The Handmade Show at Perth Concert Hall on the Sunday. I had to go home on the Saturday night and make more sheep jewellery!

Both were great events too and it was lovely to meet up with other makers I met last year and have kept in touch with online
Left to right, Sally Sutherland of Soul Silver Lampwork Beads and Jewellery, Rebecca Anderson of Songbeads, Alison Moore Designs and me.

This week has been all about making as much as possible available online.
All these pieces are available in my Etsy shop.
There are still a few Calendars left but not many! Available on both Etsy and Folksy

And all these are new listed on Folksy.



  1. Oooohhh it looks really nice! Thanks for those beautiful pictures. gr.

  2. Oh I wish I could have been there. How wonderful the hall looked and the real fire was quite a bonus!

    You had a splendid view from your overnight accommodation and some lovely weather to make the weekend complete.

    1. The fire was great Lyn! So nice that it was lit rather than a stall being put in front of it.

  3. Oh wow, what beautiful landspace all around you! The surroundings are amazing, and having a fair inside a castle sounds just brilliant!

    Thank you for sharing so many gorgeous photos!

  4., Aileen! You definitely had a fantastic and brilliant time, and I'm so very happy for you. Blair Castle looks incredible, and so majestic, as does the photos from the fair itself. How cool to have the fair actually inside the castle (I am nodding my head in enthusiastic agreement with you, Pili!). I too would have loved to have been there - it all sounds and looks so magical - right down to the fire being lit in that stunningly beautiful hearth.

    All the crafters' stalls look so inviting and friendly, that if I were there, I'd be coming home with no left over money, but plenty of amazing, beautiful handmade treasures and gifts. I've not been to every single crafts fair in Ireland (yet!), but I don't think I've ever come across one as lovely and inviting as this one you've shared with us via these photos.

    I've never been to Scotland (not yet...but I'm working on it, believe me), but when I do get there, after hopefully meeting up with you, I would love to stay at the one of the Tom of Lude cottages. It just sounds and seems so enchanting...magical. Such is the way with Scotland...rugged, enchanting, magical.

    Thanks for sharing all this with us, Aileen. And your stuff on Folksy is wonderful, by the way. I'm in need of a new calendar, and I think I've found just the perfect one :)

    1. Thank you June! If you do ever make it Scotland, be sure to visit Highland Perthshire. It's beautiful. Lots of rivers and lochs, trees and castles. You won't be disappointed.

    2. Oh, I know - I absolutely know I won't be disappointed, for I'm completely in love with Scotland, and it's been a dream of mine for many, many years to visit there for an extended period of time, as there is so much beauty and natural magic there. I love Ireland - I really, really do, and it is also so beautiful. But I guess it's because I've never been to Scotland that makes me pine away about getting there one day (sooner rather than later) all the more.

      The photos you share with us here make me fall in love with it all the more. One day, me and my beloved hubby will go there for a second honeymoon.

  5. What a super array of crafts, something for everbody there!
    It was set in a beautiful place!

    Sandie xxx

    1. Thank you Sandy. It was a really nice event. Was kind of glad to be at home this weekend though :)


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