Friday, 2 September 2011

Just Call Me Bo Peep

There have been flocks of sheep packing their bags and heading off all over the world from here this week.
It's funny but I hardly ever used to get orders from Australia but recently I've had about six! I love to think of my sheep going off to bask in the sun. The Scottish weather is certainly enough to send anyone packing. 2nd of September and the thermostat here in the cottage says 'Cool-Turn Heating Up'. The heating isn't actually on yet so it's extra jumpers for me today...... and plenty of comforting cups of tea!

So here are some new sheepy makes available now in my online shops. Most of my items have been going into my Etsy shop but I will be restocking my Folksy shop this month as well. I think I have said that a few times recently but life is just so busy!

 I'll be continuing to make more sheep pendants including ones with green apple trees and maybe a few in Autumn shades.

The bookmarks sold out both online and through my stockists so I have been busy making more. A few will be heading up to Starfish Studio in time for the North East Open Studios which runs from Saturday 10th to Sunday 18th September.

Perthshire Open Studios starts tomorrow with a vast array of Artists and Makers participating. You can find my new printed cards at An Cnoc, a lovely little shop in Crieff. (Links to websites at the end of this post.)
I'm not sure how many studios we will get round but I really hope to visit Eileen at It's Only Natural, Balhornie Cottage, Cargill.
Eileen makes the most delectable Organic Soaps and Creams as well as other crafts. I LOVE her patchouli soap. Not only can you see around Eileen's workshop but you can blend your own unique oils, make a gift box, or ribbon wreath. It all sounds like good fun to me!

I've had a few commissions to work on recently too.
This is a pendant piece to go with a cuff I sold a few months ago. 


 I also had a commission to make a cuff. Woodland browns and greens was the brief. 
I put a shade chart together for the customer and she chose the combination she preferred.

And here is the result. Woodland greens on a deep earth brown background.
The button is  carved wood and came from my own collection of vintage and second hand buttons. There was only one of it so this cuff is even more unique.

I liked the piece middle top on the chart so I made it up and found this toning button in a rich chestnut brown to finish it off.


available in my Etsy Shop.

More news is that I will be exhibiting at The Handmade Show in Perth Concert Hall on Sunday November the 6th.

The Handmade Show showcases the talent of designer-makers from Scotland and beyond in a wide range of arts and crafts disciplines.
I will have a full range of textile art and craft with me and hopefully some brand new designs as well.

And on a completely different note, look what my lovely husband made!

He has been making bread using the bread machine for a while now but while I was looking through a book called 'Super Foods For Kids', racking my brains for good ideas for healthy packed lunches and snacks, I found a quick recipe for bread made by hand.
David had a go but it came out rather heavy and a bit on the damp side within. The crust was delicious though.
For his second attempt we dug out an old Delia Smith book and the result was fantastic!
Our bread tin was a bit small for her recipe so he just cut a bit off the dough and baked it separately. He is so pleased with himself and we are all delighted with him too.
Only problem is that fresh baked bread is irresistible!

For more info on some of the above topics click the links below.


  1. These are fabulous & didn't get round to saying how gorgeous your work was on your last post!

    Wish I could visit you at the hand made show, one day! I'll enjoy the links after this last frenetic week is over - thanks for your encouraging words & it was great to see you up here ;)Not sure if the moo cards will arrive in time, now...

  2. I love the sheep pendants!

  3. As usual they are all beautiful!
    It has been a bit nippy here too for a couple of days! It should be beautifully sunny on Tuesday and Wednesday next week when the children go back to school!
    I'm hoping to get a bit more active with my Etsy shop and other creative pursuits then. How do you find the time to be so creative? I seem to keep getting distracted:S

  4. Can gorgeous and cute go together? They must be able to, cause that is what comes to mind scrolling thru this post. Awesome!

  5. Love your work, Aileen! I've stumbled upon your work at a shop in Oban called Room 15 recently. I fall in love especially with your "Afternoon Sailing"needle felted and it's now standing proudly on top of my piano!

  6. Thanks for popping in everyone. It's always lovely to hear from you all.
    Jennie, that's so knid of you to take the time to comment. So nice to know that 'Afternoon Sailing' has such a nice home! Room 15 is a great little shop. Hoping to deliver some stock in person soon as I love a visit to Oban : )

  7. Ooooh I love your Forest Wrist Cuff, so cute!

  8. Hi Aileen, that's great! Will definitely be regularly visiting your Etsy shop in due course too as I am hoping to get similar framed felted craft of yours as a gift for my Mom :)


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