Friday, 18 June 2010

Sea Inspired Wrist Cuff

Regular readers of my blog will know how much I love the sea and how much I enjoy playing with my embellisher machine.
This cuff is inspired by the sea, especially the waters around the Isle of Iona.

It is also inspired by my cousin Lynsey. I made her one similar last week and got it to her before she headed off for the summer. Lynsey loves to travel and these are her favourite colours. She also has an affinity for the sea.

I added the vintage pearly button to add to the sea theme and lined it with a beautiful stripy muslin in toning shades.

I have been listing lots of cuffs in my International Etsy Shop but this one is available from my UK shop at


  1. Lovely sea colours in your cuff. Iona is such a beautiful island.

  2. I have a love for the sea too....wonderful cuff.

  3. oh that is just stunning, you've captured the colours and shapes so well. I love looking at the ever-changing sea, my dream home would definitely be right on the edge.


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